hoi peinontes "the hungering ones"

hoi peinontes “the hungering ones” turned 2 today!

hoi peinontes “the hungering ones” turned 2 today!


Eph 2:4 But bcuz of his great love for us, God who is rich in mercy
made us alive with christ even when we were dead in our trespasses…
For the love of Christ compels us…he died for all so that we may no
longer live for ourselves but for him who loves us and gave himself
for us.
 Is the love of Christ enough for us today?

 Do u really believe God of all creation love u, yes u, so much he
made a way for u to have a relationship with him by killing his
beloved son, who took on human nature by the way? Can we trust this
God today to give us everything we could possibly need to live life
abundantly? Believe his love allows, permits, orchestrates, controls,
protects, interjects, intercedes, supercedes anything u have ever, are
now going through or will ever. He is love and he pours it out
lavishly on us, with our sinful selves. Rest, abide, obey. You are


Everybody is preaching. Everybody. The music, the commercials, the shows you watch. They are all sending a message to and and to the world. What they value, what they despise, what is truth. Even you and I, we are preaching, something. So did God. He sent a clear message through His son Jesus Christ. Who are you listening to? Who is your teacher? Who will you believe? Guard your heart from idols and the empty and vain philosophies that try to make God a liar, know what you believe and live for it with every breath you take.

Self evaluation

I was just thinking this morning, when I say thank you to God with my mouth or on things like social media but with my life I give Him the “finger”, which one is a truer reflection of my heart? I mean it’s just too hard to try and serve two masters. Whoever I love the most that is whom I am serving.


There is something about the pain of a lesson learned, the sting of the shame, even the thought of how stupid you feel that is meant to last just long enough so that you will make sure at all costs that you will not put yourself in that position again.Lord help me!

Oh and share the experience so no one else will either.

Timing is so crucial in life. The right thing at the wrong time can make that thing not so good. Waiting is a discipline we all need to learn to love b/c whether you want to or not you will have to wait on something, why not choose to have joy in the process?

Believe God makes everything beautiful in His time. The way things are now is not how they have always been, nor how they always will be. Put your trust in Him, not in circumstances.

So there is this young man who I look up to greatly! He means the world to me, and has shown me what it looks like to love without limits, forgive upon an offense, provide for a family, walk by faith, cherish a wife and love a daughter. He is my friend and my brother Robert Yenrah Hooper. Happy birthday to you! You are the reason why life means more to me then I could have ever imagined.


even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.


even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.

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"Someone has said that the key to forgiveness is the middle syllable-forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift we give to those who do not deserve it. We do not forgive because of anything the person has done, and not because their repentance has “earned” forgiveness. When you have been deeply hurt, no amount of repentance, no matter how genuine it may be, can “earn” forgiveness. You still must give it anyway." Dr. Ray Pritchard, The Year of Good Riddance (see my post of entire article)


I’m never ever going to be like anything else, or everybody else for that matter. Neither are you, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you desire to be. This fact can either drive you mad and keep you discontent and always dissatisfied, or it can be the greatest motivation for you to be free. Each day you choose.